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Thank you for your interest in advertising at! We put much effort into increasing your sales as the basis of a mutually beneficial business partnership. We currently offer the main page and main page of each platform spotlight advertising, but new advertising options will also be added.
If you want to propose a custom advertising option, please use Contact us form.
Note: Before ordering advertising, you must submit a product you want to advertise. If you order advertising for this product, it will be reviewed and activated (if accepted) with priority, so you can start with advertising.

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Main page spotlight advertising

Main page spotlight: 80$ for 1 month (40$ for main pages of platforms - Windows, Mac or Android).
Ordering an advertising: Please use Contact us form, to inquire about ad space availability and to order advertising (longer term discounts are available).
Description: your app will be visible on main page for 1 month (on first visible position on scroller - scroller changes every 7 seconds).