ALL APPS FROM VaxaSoftware

STATOOL Statistics and Probability Tools
Windows, shareware
StaTool - Statistics and Probability Tools for Windows
SDEN - Distillation simulator
Windows, shareware
SDEN - Distillation simulator of binary mixtures from 1 to 6 consecutive stages
FUGP - Fungraph - Graphs of functions
Windows, shareware
FUGP - Fungraph - Graphs of mathematical functions
CQZ2 Worksheet Generator for Chemistry
Windows, shareware
CQZ2 MagicWorksheet Generator for Chemistry for Windows
CMZ2 Worksheet Generator for Math
Windows, shareware
CMZ2 Magic Worksheet Generator for Mathematics for Windows
MCTH - McCabe Thiele Plates Calculator
Windows, shareware
MCTH Number of Theoretical Plates by McCabe-Thiele method for distillation tower
Beam deflection calculator for Windows
Windows, shareware
Beam deflection calculator for Windows. Civil engineering software
ABEW - Acid base equilibria for Windows
Windows, shareware
ABEW - Acid base equilibrium for Windows. Titration. Graphics. Data table