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The company has specialized in e-Learning since its establishment. Long-standing experience & an exceptional approach to our clients allows us to be ahead of our competition, being most frequently selected business Partner. We know exactly how to co-shaoe the e-Learning market, which we achieve together with thpose who have already trusted us. Our products are characterized by innovation. They are constantly imrpoved based on our clients' feedback, which we appreciate very much. Employee Information System is a unique system for the imporovement of the corporate management. Modules incorporated, such as the Remote Meeting Point, Mind Force, Knowledge Base, Communication, LMS etc. are the key to success! WBTExpress - our authoring tool is perfect for those who want to create advanced e-Learning trainings but have no IT knowledge. It is user-friendly, intuitive and encompassess over 101 pre-made templates. Work is a pleasure!


WBTExpress 7.0 Pro Box
Windows, shareware
AICC&SCORM compliant, multiple exports, user friendly, intuitive, 101 templates